i'm just someone, 29, a nerdfighter, knitter, browncoat, bipolar, queer, friendly, muslim revert transplanted in the opposite of sanity.

I also like bsg, doctor who, the west wing, star trek, the x-files, sherlock, cabin pressure, supernatural, superwholock, glbt history, my major (poli-sci), and young adult lit. Oh, and I'm losing my hearing.

Definitely Hufflepuff.

You will see occasional Hawkeye spam. Not sorry.


Ugh it is still bunching like that is its sole purpose
But I have to quit for the night. My eyes are crossing.
The reason I’m working this project so fast is because it’s really cold here and I don’t have a hat

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  4. missivesfromghosts said: fuck colorwork actual worst. It’s not even the colorwork itself it’s that it inevitably bunches and then it’s not stretchy and it won’t fit and everything is horrible
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